Check Your Superannuation

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Superannuation on the Central Coast

As one of the fastest growing regions in New South Wales the Central Coast the area has many recently arrived taxpayers from other parts of Australia. Many of these taxpayers will start new jobs on and around the Central Coast area.

It is important when a taxpayer changes jobs and/or address that their superannuation earned from previous employment not become lost in the system. Frequently new super accounts are opened with every new job, meaning that an individual’s total superannuation can become spread over many accounts.

Having numerous superannuation accounts increases fees and can even mean that some hard earned benefits may be lost in retirement due to a forgotten super account.

To assist taxpayers keep track of their various superannuation accounts the Australian Tax Office has recently provided tools and advice to allow taxpayers to more easily keep track of their superannuation. The video above was produced by the ATO and gives a godd overview of these services.

Using these services you can:-

1. Use MyGov for a full view of your super.

You create a myGov account and locate and combine super accounts into your preferred super account. More details art available here:

Useful Links

For access to the online services offered by the ATO create a myGov account and link the ATO External Link
If you are already linked your myGov account to the ATO then simply Login to myGov 
Frequently asked Superannuation questions

Guide to superannuation for individuals- overview

Keep track of your superannuation

2. Conduct a quick search online.

You can find out if you have any lost or ATO-held super by doing a quick search.

Quick search is also available via the ATO app which can be downloaded from Google play, Windows phone or the Apple app stores.

You will need to provide:

your name
date of birth
tax file number.
The quick search is a limited search and will only provide details of lost or ATO-held super. For detailed information on all your super accounts you need to register for ATO online services.

3. Use the ATO self-help phone service.

Details of any lost or ATO-held super may be located by using the self-help phone service, available 24hours a day on
We will ask for your:

tax file number (TFN)
date of birth.
Make sure you have paper and a pen ready to write down the details of any lost or ATO-held super.

The self-help phone service is a limited search and will only provide details of lost or ATO-held super. For detailed information on all your super accounts you need to register for our online services.

4 Call ATO.

Between 8.00am and 6.00pm (local time) Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

If you are in Australia, phone us on 13 10 20
If you are overseas, phone us on +61 2 6216 1111

For Further information Contact Tax Returns Central Coast- Killcare

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Tax Returns Central Coast – Killcare provides the following information as a service to their clients.

The information is general in nature and for further details specific to your situation please contact our office on 02 4360 2836